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History doesn’t just happen.
Write it for yourself.

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Meet Dominique Luster


About Dominique

I have always been fascinated by history, but mostly the stories that are left out of it. As an archivist and researcher, I look to champion the stories of marginalized communities and help them reclaim their power. After working in universities, libraries, and museums across the country for nearly ten years, I founded The Luster Company to uplift, honor, and tell stories that represented the lived experiences of diverse voices.

The Luster Company is dedicated to helping people connect with their heritage and telling their own stories in their own voices. You’ll learn pretty quickly with me I’m passionate about creating engaging content that inspires people to learn more about themselves and each other.

Talk Topics

Talk Topic

How the Story of YOU Gets Created and Told

How the Story of You Gets Created and Told is a powerful new talk that explores how history is constructed and how we can use that knowledge to create the legacy for which we want to be remembered. We will learn about the roles of presence and absence in history-making and how those who leverage those roles often control power. We will also discuss practical ways in which we can all reclaim our personal agency and drive the narrative that will become our lives, our families, and our society. This is a must-see talk for anyone who wants to understand how history is made and how they can create their own legacy.

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Dominique not only instilled hope for growing the profession in a meaningful way, but gave practical advice on how to slay archival dragons. The Canadian archival community, and our colleagues from away, will be carrying these lessons forward for years to come.


Krisztina Laszlo

Chair, Association of Candian Archivist 2022 Program Committee


Connect with Dominique



Phone: tel:4125328975

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